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They are taking steps to stimulate business development in economically distressed areas of the country. a distressed material has been treated to make it look as if it has been used for a long time.: distressed leather chairs. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.
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Look up distress, distressed, or distressing in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Distress may refer to.: Distress medicine, an aversive state in which a person shows maladaptive behaviors. Mental distress or psychological distress. Distress, or distraint, the act of seizing goods to compel payment.
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IPA key: dɪˈstɹɛst. distressed comparative more distressed, superlative most distressed. anxious or uneasy I'm' distressed that John hasn't' answered my calls. I hope nothing bad happened to him on the way here. of merchandise, etc. of a property offered for sale after foreclosure.
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dis tressed di-ˈstrest Definition of distressed.: of, relating to, or experiencing economic decline or difficulty federal grants for distressed cities. Examples of distressed in a Sentence. She felt emotionally and physically distressed. The government provided funds to the economically distressed city.
Distress Definition of Distress by Merriam-Webster.
4: to mar something, such as clothing or wood deliberately to give an effect of age a distressed table distressed jeans. Definition of distress Entry 3 of 3. 1: offered for sale at a loss distress merchandise. 2: involving distress goods a distress sale.
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American definition and synonyms of distressed from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the American English definition of distressed. View British English definition of distressed. Change your default dictionary to British English. View the pronunciation for distressed.
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Distressed can also describe feeling stressed out and tired because of worry. You feel worn out and pulled in different directions - which rings true to the word's' origin: the Latin word districtus, meaning drawn" apart" Being distressed physically means your body is injured and hurts, and if you've' ever seen jeans called distressed, you know they've' been made to look worn and possibly even falling apart.

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