People Who Became Famous With the Help of Instagram

Instagram is now one of the top social media sites around today with over 400 million account holders located in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. Most of the users are aged 18- 29, although there are users of younger and older ages, as well as businesses and celebs on the site. It is fun to post photos and interact with others, and with all of the filters, stickers, and opportunities available, you can get lost in the fun that awaits you on the site.

People use the social media platform for many reasons. It is oftentimes compared to Facebook (the company owns the site) and some even prefer it over FB. Most people using Instagram do so in hopes of drawing attention to their business or to their name. If you want to make friends, promote music or a business, or otherwise gain more online clout, this is a site that makes it so much fun and easily possible.

Fame & Fun- IG Style

Many people have become famous thanks to IG. It is hard to imagine that a social media site could create a star, but it has happened on more than one occasion and continues to happen every single day. In fact, it is easy for someone like you or me to become IG famous with the right promotions and purchases. Many companies sell Instagram followers. Buying 100 Instagram followers is a simple way to start big things in your life, and it is an affordable buy, too.

A Lavish Name in the Instagram World

Lavish is an Insta star in his own right. He has more than 500,000 people following his account. Some of those people love him and others love to hate him. Either way, Lavish is beyond thrilled with his following and never stops short to draw attention his way. Find his photos with lavish luxuries, including Louis Vuitton goodies, shocking antics, and even some humour thrown in now and again.

Food, Recipes & Ella

Ella Mills is an Insta-star who shares delicious recipes, food photos, and other related fun on her account. She is a two-time best-selling author and recently released a line of food called Deliciously Ella. She has over 9 million people following her on her account, and if you join the crowd, there is a good chance you will like what you see.

A Little Makeup Fun

Huda Kattan is another well-known name in the social media platform. This celeb is a Hollywood-trained beauty stylist. Sharing makeup and hair tutorials online, Kattan has a collection of makeup items available in the Sephora makeup line and has more than 14 million followers.

Instagram is a photo-sharing site that provides plenty of opportunities to socialize, make new friends, promote, and even gain popularity and earn money for your business. Make sure you find a company to buy fans from when you want to make big things happen and perhaps you can be the next name on the list of Instagram stars like these happy people.